Cost Of Light rail
Our Guest Speaker on Monday evening, Lynne Mitchell, was introduced by David McAuley.

Lynne has a  BA., Dip. Tchg., and  Dip. NZLS

Lynne worked overseas in busy commercial libraries and research centres in London, followed by 15 years as a business librarian and coordinator in the University of Auckland Business School.

Lynne was awarded: University of Auckland General Staff Excellence award - University of Auckland Business School in 2003.

Lynne started her business called Informed Decisions Research 5 years ago. Her business provides intelligence and data on industries, products, markets, companies and competitors as well as business issues and environmental scans.

Lynne spoke about her article she wrote titled “Light rail to Auckland airport is not worth the price tag” published  in the NZ Herald on 28 January 2022.  The link to this article is:

Lynne's research shows that nearly all light rail transport systems to airports have proved to be a burden to the local rate payers. Airports do not have large numbers of commuters to use the trains.

It is proposed that the Auckland Light rail to the airport will have 18 stops and trains every 5 minutes. Thirty million dollars has already been spent on this project.

In Toronto where the population is 2.8 million, the council subsidized the  train to Toronto International airport by $56.00 per person when it was built in 2015. They are still paying $11.00 per person.

Similarly, the light rail airport trains struggled in Brisbane and Sydney.   In 2000, the Sydney light rail went into receivership.