After hearing Sarah Nuttal speak you will now be aware of the wonderful work and achievements  of the Life Education Trust. As Iain Valentine said we need to triple the number of ducks in the race, so please keep the sponsorships coming. Get your list to  John Beck by email or hand over a hardcopy at the next meeting.
If you have already sent John your list, we thank  you, however,  don't be shy in adding to your list to grow the number of potential sponsors.
The Great Auckland Duck Race will be on Sunday 12th November. 
This will be our Club's main fund-raising effort for 2017-2018.  The proceeds will be going to our Rotary Club and the Life Education Trust.
There will be four duck races.
John Beck asked us at our meeting to help to sell 'Business Ducks' by  listing the contact details of at least half a dozen (or more if you can) businesses with which you deal (eg. mechanic, pharmacist, insurer, grocery store, plumber, restaurant owner, your travel agency, share-broker, doctor/specialist, optician, bank manager and so on).  Please also add your name to the top of the form.