Club members are greatly saddened at the passing of Charter member, Professor Sir Robert Elliott – usually known as Bob.

We shared in the recent presentation to him of a Knighthood for his lengthy career in medical research.  Long standing fellow Trustee of Cure Kids and club member Roy Austin and Janet were fortunate to be present at Bob and Betsy's home  when the Governor General laid the sword upon Bob to formally invest him.
Others will eulogise better than us his tremendous contribution to medical research and in particular child health research in New Zealand, and his enduring legacy via Cure Kids.

But Club members will remember him more in the Rotary context.



Bob had a broad intellect, and many a speaker at the Club faced an enquiring question about something they had said during their presentation.
Bob had a wicked  sense of humour – which was especially on show when his native Australia might have beaten his adopted New Zealand at some sporting contest. But he was an ardent NZ supporter when the opponent was not Australia.
When he was Sergeant, he showed a particular interest in Saints and what they had been sainted for, and in the derivation of our surnames – not always right I might add.

He was a committed Club Member for the whole of the Club’s life.  He was a Charter Member when the club was chartered in 1980, and Bob was attending meetings regularly until very recently. He told us during Level 4 lockdown that he was unwell, and would be lucky to make Christmas this  year. As on so many previous occasions in different contexts, he was right.
Bob was President of the Club in 2014-15. He had been asked to be President many times before but he had been too busy with his University and other commitments, and then after his University retirement in his various medical research related businesses and speaking at international medical conferences.
Bob conducted his Presidency in typical eclectic fashion.

He was instrumental in ensuring he was followed by the Club’s first female President. This was a result of his sense of fairness, and his authoritarian streak.
Bob's professional life was well interlaced with his Rotary involvement and Club members were involved in fundraising for and providing logistical support for many research projects.

The Club is extremely fortunate to have had Bob as a member with his lovely wife Betsy for the last 40 years.
Club members deepest sympathy is extended to Betsy (Lady Elliott), their children, their partners and their grandchildren.