Jason Ingham  Earthquake Prone Buildings
Jason is the Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Auckland University and the President of the National Society of Engineers.
In 2009, Jason went to Sumatra where 1.2 million people were affected by an earthquake causing massive devastation.  This was an introduction into what happens in a really big earthquake.  
In the big earthquake in Christchurch on 4th September 2010, Jason did building inspections to review damage to buildings and arranged for the Manchester Courts building to be demolished just three weeks before the next big earthquake.  
Jason was in Christchurch on 22 February, 2011 when the big earthquake struck. He was involved in the recovery project 'Project Masonry' where:
10,000 after shocks were monitored;
10 PhD students went to Christchurch to run the monitoring of damage to buildings.
Jason was asked to write a report for the Royal Commission of Enquiry about the performance of unreinforced masonry buildings in the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake.  Most of the recommendations made in this report were picked up by the Royal Commision.
Jason went to Nepal after the April 2015 earthquake to do assessments and inspections etc. to try and get people back into their homes before the rainy season arrived.
Brian Cooper thanked Jason for his fascinating presentation.