Larry Paul,
Chairman, Classic Yacht Charitable Trust
The Trust began 20 years ago to promote public interest and education in aspects of the maritime history of New Zealand including the design, construction, and use of vessels of all descriptions. This involves the preservation, restoration, purchase, acquisition, and maintenance of early yachts, launches, scows, and other vessels designed and built and used in New Zealand waterways.
There are currently seven vessels in the Trust's fleet, and over two decades have been involved in the rescue of another 6 vessels, including the Daring.
They are vessels available for the benefit of the general public, and the  Trust arranges and organises educational opportunities to acquaint the public and young people with heritage and skills of early New Zealand boat builders, boat designers and the early sailors
The 1863 Daring has attracted worldwide attention as NZ's oldest intact shipwreck.
The Daring was launched at Mangawhai on 1 September 1863 and became beached on 2 February 1865.  
The Daring will not be refloated.  Instead, it will be housed in a museum.