Rotary Meeting - Monday, 21st March 
Guest Speaker:  Viv Beck
Viv is currently Chief Executive of Heart of the City and is an independent Mayoral candidate at this year's Auckland City local body election. 
Heart of the City is the business association for Auckland’s City Centre. They promote businesses and the heart of the city as a destination. Their purpose is to champion a successful city Centre for business and create an aspirational and vibrant destination to live, work, study and visit for all.
Viv is campaigning that this is an important time for Auckland and we must make the right choices now to get the best for our city in the years ahead.  There are many great things about our City.  However, the reality is that we have crippling congestion, we have people stuck in a housing emergency and our streets are less safe.  At the same time, Auckland has born the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many of our small businesses and communities struggling to survive.
Now more than ever, Auckland needs a Mayor with the passion, determination and skills to get things done.  To be Auckland's greatest champion, to tackle our biggest challenges while making sure we spend wisely as we invest in the future of Auckland.
Viv believes that Aucklanders 'deserve better' and need to see that their rates are delivering value in their community.  That's why she is standing for Mayor - 'Auckland needs someone with local and central government experience, business understanding and someone who can work constructively with people to get the best results for Aucklanders.'
Viv will work across the many diverse communities in Auckland to earn their trust and confidence.
Viv was thanked by Jim Holmes.