Congratulations to Wayne Brewer on becoming Commodore of the Auckland Fleet of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR).  Wayne has been a member of the Auckland Fleet for 17 years and will be Commodore for two years.  The Auckland Fleet has 75 members including Michael Bernecker, Hugh Garlick, Iain Valentine, Ed Mitchell, Elaine Ebbett and Barbara Morgan from our Rotary Club.  The Auckland Fleet has two past International Commodores and the current International Rear Commodore is also from this Fleet.  There are many Fleets worldwide and the Auckland Fleet have often hosted members from all over the world when visiting New Zealand.
To be a member, you do not need to own a boat, just have an interest in boating.  The IYFR meet regularly for fellowship and interest activities such as visiting the Naval Base, cruises on members boats, visits to Coastguard, dinners etc.  When funds allow, they also sponsor young pepole on the Spirit of NZ. 
This photo of the Auckland Bridge Committee was taken on the bridge of the Pacific Mermaid.