Andrew Alexander-Change Management
Andrew is the Sales Capability Systems and Process Manager at Fonterra Brands NZ.  This role supports the strategic goals of Fonterra NZ to enable the Sales team to sell New Zealand's dairy products locally and globally.  Andrew is also charged with bringing efficiencies to the systems and processes which the Sales team utilise in their roles.  Andrew and Wendy are also members of the Rotary Club of Henderson.
Andrew started his presentation by asking us to think what has changed since the turn of the Century in regards to technology, medicine and economies.
We learned about the optimistic expectations of Generation Y and the way that Generation Z are looking to us to make change.  If we don't make change, they will.
Context is very important for the next generation.  They won't be directed.  We need to be collaborative and open.  Context is "the why". 
Social media is playing a huge role in connecting communities.  The big four are:
Instagram - dominated by mobile devices;  
Twitter - short and sweet communications;
Instagram - used more for business contacts and
Facebook - this is huge with over 2 billion users.  
Andrew gave us the following tips for posts on social media:
Have a plan;
Have some fun;
Use # and @ tags;
Make your posts look good by using bright colours etc.
Also, in regard to using social media for Rotary, Andrew encourages us to:
Disrupt our thinking;
Have a vision and share it;
Consider how our 'brand' is seen;
If something interesting happens, promote it;
Celebrate our Rotary adventure.