Updated 12 November 2019 - a little more detail has been added today for the numerous Exchange Students that the club and members have hosted but there is still a lot of detail missing.  If you hosted an inbound student or were counsellor for a student please contact me (Tony).  We are looking for the following information for each student: Year hosted/Name/Home country/Counsellor/host families/current situation.
Please email me (amf@fmlaw.co.nz) any information you have on the students below and any other students you have details for.  Thanks
Here are Exchange Student details we have so far:
1982/83?; Tracey Bortha; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Counsellor??; Hosts??
1984/85; Susan Leitz; Washington State, USA; Ian Searle Counsellor; Hosts: Singer Family, Ross Family, Goldie Family, Anne & Tony Fortune; Married to David Searle, lives in St Heliers, two adult children Jessica and Zachary; works for ADHB;
1985/86; Megumi Otsuka; Japan; Counsellor Roger Bridgman; Hosts Hugh & Pam Garlick; Garth & Margaret Harris; Keith & Robyn Fraser, Betsy & Bob Elliott, Warwick & Kitty Browne.
1986/87; Camilla ?; Sweden; Counsellor Colin Wilson; Hosts Bryan & Jenny Haggitt, Anne & Tony Fortune; 
1986/87; Donny Brown; Ohio USA; Counsellor Keith Fraser; Hosts Iain and Annabelle Valentine, Betsy & Bob Elliott; now a lawyer in the USA
1987/88; Margrethe Hansen; Counsellor??; Hosts Garth & Margaret Harris, John & Barbara Hawthorn;
1988/89 Robert Lee; USA; Counsellor Gordon Cuthbert; Hosts John & Jane Boyens, Bryan & Jenny Haggitt; 
1989/90; Frederick ?; Sweden; Counsellor ??; Hosts ??,Don Hawke & Brigitta Windhager, Betsy & Bob Elliott, Anne & Tony Fortune;
1990/91; Jenna ??; Buffalo, USA; Counsellor Colin Wilson; First & last host family Valentines;
1991/92; Jason: Alaska; Cousellor ??; Hosts ??;
1992/93; Sasha Archer; Washington State, USA; Counsellor Wayne Brewer; Hosts, Valentine Family, Austin Family, Anne & Tony Fortune; 
1994/95; Ulrike Caspar (Giesen); Germany; Counsellor ??; Hosts Austin Family, Anne & Tony Fortune; Married with one son; 
1995/96; Chico - Francisco Almeida Prado; Brazil; Counsellor ??; Hosts John & Carol Cowan??: Has a law office in Sao Paulo specialising in Electoral Law, is married to a State Attorney and has two children;
1999/20; Pila ??; Argentina; Counsellor Iain Valentine; Hosts??
2000/01; Eduardo Callegarro?; Brazil; Counsellor Brian Cooper; Hosts Gloria Poupard Wallbridge, Sharon & Wayne Brewer, ??;
2002/03; Marie-Luise Laemmle; Germany; Counsellor Michael Bernecker; She currently lives in Bonn, and works at Engagement Global, a non-profit limited organization, commissioned by the German Federal Government (by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), as a project manager to support the development activities of local entities, especially German municipalities, in the area of fair trade and public procurement.  She has now completed a post-graduate Master's degree course in Educational Leadership.
2004/05?; Timo Harju; Finland; Counsellor ??; Hosts Carol & John Cowan, Don Hawke & Brigitta Windhager, Bob & Betsy Elliott;
2007/08; Luca Capuzello; Switzerland; Counsellor ??; Hosts??:
2009/10; Sarah Kelvelaga (Klosterman); Germany; Counsellor Bill Smith; Hosts Bill & Susan Smith; Don Hawke & Brigitta Windhager; Blair Wingfield; Sarah stayed 6 months extra to complete NCEA with honours;
2009/10; Fee Kaeufer; Germany; Counsellor Michael Bernecker; Hosts Janet & Roy Austin, Murray & Ann Weatherston; She has a Bachelors degree from Bielefield, and Masters from Greifswald. She is hoping to enroll in a PhD course soon. Still single but has a long term boyfriend who is studying law. She has played a big club role in Rotaract, and attended the 2019 Convention in Hamburg, and is keen to follow up again in Hawaii 2020. Might be taking on a District Rotaract role.