Frank Hogan has practised criminal defence law for over 40 years.  He is concerned about all aspects of child poverty and in particular housing and is the Child Poverty Action Group housing spokesperson.
The Child Poverty Group has been active for 25 years and is governed by the idea that New Zealand is no longer the ideal place for all New Zealand children to grow up.  The group is made up of legal, health, economic and education experts who meet to discuss issues around children.  They believe that research and evidence based analysis is the best way to examine causes and they advocate, talk and endeavour to prod those in power to change policies.There is no longer the wealth of opportunity for New Zealand children.
The provision of a house, converted to a home is a cornerstone of Society.  Home ownership has declined to 28% in the Maori community and 19% in the Polynesion community.  Rental accommodation is becoming the norm.  This is having huge ramifications.  The traditional 1 familiy per home is becoming 2-3 families and this gives rise to family stress and poor school achievement etc.
The Ministry of Housing Development has two classifications for those needing a house.  Priority A includes thase having a long standing housing need that must be sorted immediately.  It includes those living in cars and garages etc.  In June 2014, this group represented 2,596 families and in June 2018, this has risen to 6,435 families -  an increase of 147%.  This problem is not going to go away any time soon.  The lesser amount of housing stock has to be a high priority for our Government.  The insufficient number of affordable homes is creating real stress.  Children should not be the ones to suffer. Older peple are being well looked after but not the young children in our society.
The Child Poverty Action group are also advocates for better regulations for rental properties.
John Cowan thanked Frank for his presentation and explanation of the effects of Child Poverty in New Zealand.