Bill Hodge talks on Donald Trump - the man, the President and firearms in the US.
Bill Hodge was introduced by his long time colleague, Ken Palmer.  Bill's specialty is employment law and is a mediator on employment matters.  He is a keen runner and has completed the Boston and New York marathons.  This weekend, he is running the Rotorua marathon.
Bill came to New Zealand in 1972 on the recommendation of two Kiwi's that he met while at Stanford University - Dame Sian Elias and Hugh Fletcher.
Bill gave a very passionate presentation as to why he 'can't stand President Trump'.  Bill referred to  two books - "Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money and Power" by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher.   The second book "A Higher Loyalty - Truth, Lies and Leadership" by James Comey is a book about law enforcement and will be an important book for law professionals.
The reasons for Bill's dislike of President Clinton include:
Draft Dodging:  President Trump was given leave from Military Service on medical grounds.
Tax Dodging: President Trump is the only President who hasn't disclosed his tax returns.  Bill firmly believes there is a reason for this.
Serial Bankrupt: President Trump has been declared bankrupt six times and his
Overt Dishonesty.
President Trump wants to get rid of Obamacare rather than improving it.
Bill is not in favour of impeachment and hopes that President Trump is left as a lame duck.
Bill thinks that Hillary Clinton was a good Presidential candidate.
Bill was thanked by Tony Fortune who said he regretted that his attendance at  Law School finished just before Bill Hodge arrived.