Insights to new applications and digital disruptions. A successful Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, Business Coach & Advisor. Warwick is passionate about Entrepreneurship & Business success and is one the founders of the Apps Parkable and Campable and is to going to talk to the club about ‘Disruptive Technology’. 
Warwick said he wanted his presentation to inspire and unsettle at the same time. His engaging talk provided examples of disruptive technology starting with the Wikipedia definition of ‘digital disruption’ and as he pointed out Wikipedia is a prefect example of digital disruption as it has taken over from traditional encyclopaedia and of course the door-to-door sales people who sold them.
If you have been in business for the last 20 years than you need to look at practices e.g. companies that have disrupted traditional practised; e.g. Uber, Air BnB, Electic cars, Online media, 3D printing machines, Mobile phones instead of landlines.
Warwick, being one of the founders of the Parkable App, says they disrupted Wilson parking by going to churches and bowling clubs by loading available parking spaces onto the App for the public to use. The successful Parkable App is going to Australia very soon.
Warwick gave us insight into a new ‘tradies’ app that will save a lot of time and money.
The App allows the tradie to conduct a ‘virtual site inspection’. The client texts the tradie and give access to the camera on his phone which allows the client to walk around the house to the tradie can see, hear and measure the proposed alterations. This will also work for the plumbing profession.