Tim Edmonds of Cure Kids and Prof. Stephen Howe updated our members about the Fiji Oxygen Project which is the subject of a major fund raising campaign by our Club.
The Oxygen Project is designed to save the lives of children, in hospitals and clinics, who are currently dying due to the lack of a reliable supply of oxygen.
Peter Salmon introduced the guest speakers Professor Stephen Howe, Frances Beange, and Tim Edmonds.
Tim Edmonds then introduced Dr Stephen Howe who explained to the Club how Cure Kids Fiji is leading the Oxygen Project and how fantastic it is to be in partnership with Rotary. Professor Howe said 6 million children worldwide die from every year from pneumonia and a lack of oxygen and that most deaths are preventable. He went on to explain how there is no reliable source of oxygen in Fiji and that the oxygen tanks are expensive, cumbersome and can be dangerous if not handled properly. The oxygen concentrators are reliable, can even be monitored remotely and used on more than one patient.
There are 3 health facilities equipped with the machines in Fiji. On Taveuni there are 10 technicians and over 500 patients have been treated.
Tim Edmonds gave further insight into the Fiji project. 200 children under the age of 5 die every year in Fiji. The Oxygen Concentrators project would take a huge cost out the Fijian government's health budget.  They want to develop a network of health centres and build the infrastructure to achieve national coverage in Fiji.
The vision for the Rotary Club of Remuera,  is to raise a substantial sum to plan, upscale and develop the network.
Tim is grateful for the enthusiasm the Club has for this project.
Roy Austin spoke about the funding of the project and the need to raise $250K. A draft for a global grant has been submitted and RI has advised it meets the criteria.
District grant funds are $100K.
They have commitments of $100K in cash however they need $300K
Roy believes our club is capable of raising the funds needed.
Club Member Professor Bob Elliott said he has suggested that the Fiji Oxygen Project could be the pilot study for a Global Project and this is our Club’s opportunity to perform!
President Norman endorsed these comments and encouraged members to ‘go on with it’.
Wayne Brewer officially thanked the speakers and thanked Tim for acknowledging Remuera Rotary was recognised as the club that instigated this project.