Guest Speaker - Joe O'Sullivan
Joe O'Sullivan - Cruising After Covid

Joseph has spent the past 27 years with his brother Donal as joint founder and owner of three travel related businesses. New Zealand based travel wholesaler Cruise World , logistics company Travel Marketing Brochurenet and Small Ship Expedition Specialist operator Cruise Traveller based in Australia.


In partnership, Joe had built up these successful companies to have a total staff of 20 to look after. All three brands were dramatically affected by Covid since 100% of their revenue relied on New Zealanders being able to cross the border to explore the world.

Joe’s story was perhaps our first glimpse, as a Club, as to what the last year &1/2 have been like at the sharp end of the pandemic.


There must have been highs and lows as he sought to maintain job security for his people and to develop new programs to keep them productively engaged. The ongoing work of managing refunds and credits for clients was significant, but unrewarded. For the thankless effort involved in dealing with all the various government entities to (almost) bring a modest cruise ship offering into NZ waters, Joe deserves our admiration.


Iain Valentine thanked the speaker on behalf of Club members present