Guest Speaker - Peter Thorne- Hearing Loss and Why It Matters
Peter was introduced by Stanley Armon.
We tend to take our hearing for granted.  It is such an important sense from a social point of view. 
About 39% of adult hearing loss is preventable - eg. loud music, industrial noise etc.  Also, 50% of childhood hearing loss is preventable.
Without good hearing, there is a real impediment to learning.  Hearing is about staying connected.  We use both ears to understand what is going on.
The auditory system is connected to brain centres and strongly involved in memory and emotion processes.
In your brain, your eyes and ears are connected.  Your touch and balance system interact with head turning.
Hearing loss is associated with the ageing population.  Most hearing loss in in the inner ear.
Sensory cells do not regenerate.
Hearing and staying connected is important for healthy ageing and brain health.  Hearing loss can prevent us from being socially active.
There are no drugs to prevent or treat loss of hearing.
The Eisdell Moore Centre was establilshed by Pat Moore and is a multidisciplinary centre for research of hearing and balance disorders.  This Centre is based at the University of Auckland.  The objective of the Centre is to reduce the prevalence and impact of hearing and balance disorders.
Hearing is important.  Look after it and keep active.