The Club is involved in a major project in Fiji. The Oxygen Project is designed to save the lives of children, in hospitals and clinics, who are currently dying due to the lack of a reliable supply of oxygen. It is supported by the Ministry of Health in Fiji, the University of Auckland Medical School, the Cure Kids charity and the Rotary Club of Remuera Inc. See the flyer below and also a few brief points highlighted, as follows: 
·      An Oxygen concentrator removes the nitrogen from the ambient air;
·      The oxygen remaining can be used immediately or stored;
·      Each machine is powered by a solar panel and the technology is well proven; and
·      Training for the use of the machine, maintenance and repair is provided and ongoing supervision carried out.
In combination two problems are solved:
1.     The unreliability of a constant electricity supply; and
2.     The cost, uncertainty and inconvenience of relying on imported oxygen cylinders.

A few of these units have already been successfully installed, but many more are needed. The units have had major and positive impacts on the likes of Taveuni Hospital and its patients, helping to bring essential oxygen in economic ways. For insight to the work and benefits of this project please see the Fiji Sun article (28 Oct 2017) below and letter from Geoffrey Amos, Rotary Club of Taveuni Island (18 Nov 2017); or follow the link to Cure Kids Fiji for an update on the project.  Two points which deserve emphasis are:
1.        The project is designed to be run by locals, for locals; and
2.        We believe that the project has the potential for global expansion.

Parties involved are working to raise (overall) $650,000 to ensure as many of these units as possible are installed nation-wide in Fiji. Initially we aim to supply the equipment to 13 hospitals and health clinics. The Project has the support of the present District Governor and Rotary Remuera is enlisting the support of all the Clubs in District 9920, with the belief it is a project deserving of wide support.
Donations to this cause made to our clubs Charitable Trust would meet New Zealand requirement for tax deductibility. If you require any further information please contact us. Help us achieve this essential life-saving project. Help us achieve gold.


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