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Paul Goldsmith
Jul 22, 2019
NZ Transport
Bruce Howe
Jul 29, 2019
Fiji Village Project, New World Digital Screen and Update on Club Finances
RYLA awardees
Aug 05, 2019
RYLA experiences
Club committee meetings
Aug 12, 2019
Committee meetings
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Meeting Time & Location

Mondays, 5:30 pm, 
Remuera Bowling Club, Market Rd 
(access via Dromorne Rd)
Remuera, Auckland, NZ 1050

Becoming a member puts you in touch with community leaders. Visit our club and learn about Rotary Remuera and it's opportunities. Phone Jim on 021 814 167 to enquire further. We look forward to meeting you!
Are you a person who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
Our club offers opportunities to: Get involved and make a difference; meet at social events and volunteer for projects; network with others resulting in lifelong friendships and business connections; and exchange ideas, learning about and finding solutions to the issues facing our community and communities around New Zealand and the Pacific.
Latest News
Jim is a consulting engineer, specialising in municipal wastewater throughout New Zealand. Most of his working life was spent in Dunedin. He told us of his three most interesting jobs and his latest overseas five week adventure, visiting where his grandfather and father served in Gallipoli and Crete respectively. 
Diana Thomson
Diana was succinctly introduced by her father Hugh Garlick. She was stimulated into public speaking by joining Toastmasters in Singapore. When she returned to New Zealand in 2016 she noticed that capable women business people were not good at speaking up and promoting themselves. She decided to set up a business to help women build confidence when speaking and has now written a book. Research has shown that mixed gender teams outperform single gender teams so it is important than women have the confidence to speak up and contribute.
Presidents Message
The Changeover was held at Remuera Golf Club.  A Red Carpet theme was a great success.
Outgoing President David gave a summary of the highlights of his year and presented the following PHF Awards:
Ed Mitchell-ROMAC        
This award was to acknowledge Ed’s contribution as Medical Advisor to ROMAC. He retired from this position in November last year after serving in this capacity for 8 years. Professor Mitchell has worked quietly as co-ordinator, visiting each of the children that have come down from the Islands while in Starship Hospital and liaising with specialist medical staff during their time in New Zealand. His contribution has been invaluable to the functioning of ROMAC.  
Kelly McKeown-O2 Project
This award is to recognise the contribution Kelly has made to the Fiji Oxygen Project, particularly over the last year as the work associated with the project has escalated. Kelly’s work as secretary for the project has been invaluable. She has continued in this demanding job despite the increasing demands on her following promotion at her day job which I know has extended her. This is a well deserved recognition.
Adrian Vennell-Club History
Adrian has single handily written the History of our club having closely researched the available material and archives. It is a “tour de force” of careful scholarship and is now in editorial phase needing further verification of some historical data and the addition of illustrations. Adrian has managed to do this despite very significant ill health.
Hopefully the manuscript will be completed in time for the 40th Anniversary of Club in February next year. The whole club is extremely grateful to you for your work.
Pamela Garlick-ROMAC
Pam has been a long standing member of Inner Wheel and a strong supporter of the Remuera Club hosting of ROMAC families over the last four years. She has been awarded a previous PHF some years ago. During the time that Kevin and Veronica, from Papua New-Guinea, were here she hosted them nearly every day, attending to their needs, including shopping, outings etc and hosting them in her own home. Congratulations Pam.
Sharon Brewer-ROMAC
Sharon has been a longstanding Inner wheel member. She is the ROMAC secretary, a not insignificant job in itself.  Sharon has hosted many ROMAC families, including meeting and fare welling them at the airport at all hours, having them stay in her own home and even taking them on holiday. She has helped to provide the usual guidance and support of many ROMAC families. Sharon, thank you for your support of ROMAC
Certificate from ROMAC
David read out a letter from ROMAC thanking Sharon and Wayne Brewer for their many years of significant support for ROMAC patients.  
Certificate of appreciation to Rotary Club of Auckland South
A Certificate was presented to the Immediate Past President Janet Lee, to thank them for their support and contribution of $10,000 for the Oxygen Project along with all the support 
Certificate of appreciation to Rotary Club of St John's
A Certificate was presented to their Club President - Robyn Ingram to thank her Club for the wonderful support and generous contribution of the entire proceeds of the Wine Appreciation evening and the Trivia evening for our Oxygen Project.
Lionel Laing Fellowship Award
The Lionel Laing Fellowship Award was introduced in 2005. The very first award was given to John Beck at the 2005-2006 Changeover meeting of the Club. The award is in honour of Lionel Laing who had been a long standing member of the Rotary Club of Remuera.   Lionel was a very generous man and a great believer in Fellowship. The award is given annually to the member who best exemplified Fellowship during the year.
The Cup was awarded to Jamie Young.  As Jamie is returning to Canada in December, a Certificate was also presented.
Incoming President Catherine Holden outlined her plans for the 2019-2020 year.  Catherine awarded a PHF to David McAuley to recognise the many hours that he has dedicated to Rotary particularly during the last 12 as a wonderful President of our Club.