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Feb 14, 2022
I Didn't Invite You Here To Lecture Me
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Becoming a member puts you in touch with community leaders. Visit our club and learn about Rotary Remuera and it's opportunities. Phone Jim on 021 814 167 to enquire further. We look forward to meeting you!

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Mondays, 5:30 pm, 
Carlton Cornwall,Bowling Club 
126 Market Rd
Epson , Auckland, NZ 1051
Are you a person who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
Our club offers opportunities to: Get involved and make a difference; meet at social events and volunteer for projects; network with others resulting in lifelong friendships and business connections; and exchange ideas, learning about and finding solutions to the issues facing our community and communities around New Zealand and the Pacific.
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Guest Speaker - Joe O'Sullivan
Joe O'Sullivan - Cruising After Covid

Joseph has spent the past 27 years with his brother Donal as joint founder and owner of three travel related businesses. New Zealand based travel wholesaler Cruise World , logistics company Travel Marketing Brochurenet and Small Ship Expedition Specialist operator Cruise Traveller based in Australia.


In partnership, Joe had built up these successful companies to have a total staff of 20 to look after. All three brands were dramatically affected by Covid since 100% of their revenue relied on New Zealanders being able to cross the border to explore the world.

Joe’s story was perhaps our first glimpse, as a Club, as to what the last year &1/2 have been like at the sharp end of the pandemic.


There must have been highs and lows as he sought to maintain job security for his people and to develop new programs to keep them productively engaged. The ongoing work of managing refunds and credits for clients was significant, but unrewarded. For the thankless effort involved in dealing with all the various government entities to (almost) bring a modest cruise ship offering into NZ waters, Joe deserves our admiration.


Iain Valentine thanked the speaker on behalf of Club members present

Cindy has put together 4 exclusive one off trips for Rotarians, friends, and family.
This week we are going to feature the trip to Otago Peninsula, The Catlin’s, & Stewart Island departing 28 November 2021.
Cindy, your escort, will speak about this unique and exclusive 6 day/5-night trip designed especially for our Remuera Rotary group at the club meeting on Monday 16 August 2021.


Knowing how keen her fellow Rotarians are to travel Cindy Bakewell is finalising 4 new trips for our Club, friends, and family.
  • Otago Peninsula, The Catlin’s, & Stewart Island - Departure 28 November 2021
Discover NZ’s stunning Otago Peninsula and the Deep South, home to an abundance of magnificent wildlife and the Catlin’s with its rural heartland and podocarp forest, rugged coastlines, hidden lakes are a highlight of the southern scenic route. Enjoy a glimpse into a slower lifestyle in rhythm with the sea and tides attuned to the natural world of land, sea, and nightscapes on Stewart Island.
  • The Cook Islands, including Aitutaki - Departure 07 December 2021
If you've never visited Cook Islands before, the beating heart of this little paradise will capture yours.
Rarotonga, the hub of the Cook Islands, has so much to see and do, yet remains unspoilt. No traffic lights, no McDonald’s and no building taller than the highest coconut tree.
After Rarotonga, Aitutaki is the second most visited island in the Cook Islands. You can look forward to languid, leisurely days in the jaw-dropping surroundings. Work on your suntan lazing under a coconut palm, relax with a massage or explore the island by cycle or motor-scooter.
Let the warmth of the tropical sun surround you as the scent of frangipani washes over you.
  • The Chatham Islands – departing February 2022
The Chatham Islands, a remote, awe-inspiring place that is full of birdlife and incredible history making for an unforgettable visit. Pitt Island, included in this package, is the first place in the World to see the sun rise each day and has some of the region’s most spectacular scenery, bird life, botany, geology, fishing, diving and hunting experiences. These Island provides a friendly atmosphere and a range of attractions to suit any visitor, especially nature lovers.
  • Tasmania – Departing March 2022
The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is a legacy of the last great wildernesses on earth, and a canvas rich in the stories of humanity's previous and current connections with the environment.
The 1.4 million hectares that now make up the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area are part of a chain of six national parks and a number of reserves and conservation areas that together cover one fifth of Tasmania's land mass.
Discover Tasmania's rich soil, pure air, and clean water, that has inspired dedicated growers to produce truly authentic food and drink experiences.
Tasmania is home to some of Australia's leading cool climate wines with pinot noir and sparkling wines attracting the interest of wine makers from around the world.
The clean, green environment is also ideal for producing cider, whisky and gin.
This package will take you from Hobart to Bruny Island, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet National Park and Port Arthur and much, much more.


All departures will be from Auckland.
Detailed Itineraries and costings will be available next week.
Having already received a lot of interest in these trips Cindy advises the packages will be on a first come first served basis with a minimum of 10 people on each trip.

Contact Cindy directly on 02102470005 or Email: cindy@privatetravel.co.nz

It was a pleasure to hear from our three 2021 RYLArians, sponsored by Rotary Remuera; Sonja Rose, Brooke Merrick and Luke O'Toole. Each shared a main takeaway and a snippet insight to their experiences from the annual week-long leadership camp https://www.ryla.co.nz/
“RYLA took us on a journey.” Sonja emphasised three main components from the camp. The great speakers, the physical and mental challenges, as well as the new people she met. Based on the functional leadership model theory where, “leadership does not rest with one person but rests on a set of behaviours by the group that gets things done;” Sonja’s reflection on the importance of what a good team member looks like, as well as what a good leader looks like, was great.
Prior to camp Brooke hadn’t thought too much about what leadership truly meant to her. RYLA changed that. Brooke’s recognition of the different types of leaders there could be was clearly a strong take away from her experience. Leadership comes in different shapes and forms and this became more evident to our RYLArians throughout the various workshops and challenges they faced.
The speaker that stood out to Luke the most was Alison Mooney. Luke learnt about different personality traits and how individuals often have a primary personality driver (the precise, the powerful, the peaceful or the playful). This was important in understanding how individuals functioned in different ways, giving Luke more confidence when leading a group; a new opportunity for him.
Each thanked Rotary Remuera for allowing them to participate in what was one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives. While our 2021 RYLArians will continue to reflect and learn from their experiences, it was clear they had already learnt a lot about themselves as individuals and importantly about the virtues of being a good leader.