Rotary International Convention May 28 2023 Melbourne

RI President 2022-2023 Jennifer Jones
Flag Ceremony - over 140 countries 
Hosts Ásthildur Ómarsdóttir and María Björk Ingvadóttir - Iceland
Gaby Moreno - Grammy Award nominee
Michael McQueen, Trend forecaster, bestselling author and Rotary member, speaks during general session 3
Past RI President Bill Boyd & Lorna
sitting 3rd & 4th from left in front row
Chantal Vallée, Head Coach and General Manager of the Hamilton Honey Badgers

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Remoirs 12 June 2023


                  Anthony Grant thanked by Peter Salmon
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Des Gorman 

Rotary Meeting - Monday, 14 March 
Our speaker on Monday was Professor Des Gorman. Wayne Brewer welcomed Professor Gorman and his wife to the Club. They have 3 daughters. Professor Gorman is a Professor of Medicine in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland.


Professor Gorman spoke about the upcoming Health Reforms and how successive governments since 1938 have tried to reform the health system.

He said that in the commercial world, when reforms are undertaken, the first question they ask is what is the outcome they want to achieve? In most cases it is about improving the customer experience. Professor Gorman believes that politicians are about popularity and that dismantling the DHB has already cost $500 million dollars. He does not believe that having the health care bureaucrats in Wellington will improve health outcomes for most of the NZ population.

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Maurice  Williamson

Rotary Meeting - Monday, 7th March 
Guest Speaker -  Maurice Williamson
It was a very enlightening presentation by our Guest Speaker, Maurice Williamson on Monday evening.  
Maurice talked about his 30 years in Politics followed by his Consul General role in the United States.  It was very interesting to hear about the role of Consul General.
The US national debt as of June 2020stands at more than $25 Trillion.
This represents:
$78,734 to every living person
$201,903 for every household in the United States.
from 2000 to 2019, the Federal debt increased by 297%.
Maurice used the following slide to show:
'How much really is a Trillian Dollars'
If you earn $1 per second, this is how long it will take to earn the following amounts:
11.57 Days to earn $1 Million
31.69 years to earn $1 Billion
31,690 Years to earn $1 Trillion
792,000 Years to earn $25 Trillion
The national debt is currently larger than the economies of China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom combined.
This debt could cover the tuition for a four year degree for every student graduating from a U.S. high school for over 60 years.
Maurice discussed some of the barriers for attracting politicians including the impact of social media, relatively low remuneration etc.
Discussion around the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the actions of President Putin was very interesting.
David McAuley thanked Maurice for coming to be our Guest Speaker.
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Kevin Sailing the High Seas

On the 8th January Kevin joined 40  students age 16 to 18 from around the country for voyage 832, a ten day adventure on the Spirit of NZ.
Funding was provided by the June Gray Trust through the Rotary Club of Remuera.
The voyage around the Hauraki Gulf featured the Mahurangi, Kawau Island, Great Barrier Island and the Firth of Thames.
Students learn all aspects of seamanship including climbing the spars to set sails, navigation, helming the ship  etc in addition to catering and household chores on board.
They also participated in environmental projects such as clearing plastic off beached .Kevin was totally overcome by the experience having never experiencing anything like it in his life. He is so thankful to have been given the opportunity and to forge new close friendships.
At the end of the voyage Kevin was awarded the Amokura Award "for the Trainee whose community spirit and consideration to others contributed significantly to the success of the voyage."
Congratulations Kevin, we are proud of you.
He will speak to the Club at a later date about the voyage.
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Joe O'Sullivan- Cruising

Guest Speaker - Joe O'Sullivan
Joe O'Sullivan - Cruising After Covid

Joseph has spent the past 27 years with his brother Donal as joint founder and owner of three travel related businesses. New Zealand based travel wholesaler Cruise World , logistics company Travel Marketing Brochurenet and Small Ship Expedition Specialist operator Cruise Traveller based in Australia.


In partnership, Joe had built up these successful companies to have a total staff of 20 to look after. All three brands were dramatically affected by Covid since 100% of their revenue relied on New Zealanders being able to cross the border to explore the world.

Joe’s story was perhaps our first glimpse, as a Club, as to what the last year &1/2 have been like at the sharp end of the pandemic.


There must have been highs and lows as he sought to maintain job security for his people and to develop new programs to keep them productively engaged. The ongoing work of managing refunds and credits for clients was significant, but unrewarded. For the thankless effort involved in dealing with all the various government entities to (almost) bring a modest cruise ship offering into NZ waters, Joe deserves our admiration.


Iain Valentine thanked the speaker on behalf of Club members present

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Remuera Rotary Club Travel 

Cindy has put together 4 exclusive one off trips for Rotarians, friends, and family.
This week we are going to feature the trip to Otago Peninsula, The Catlin’s, & Stewart Island departing 28 November 2021.
Cindy, your escort, will speak about this unique and exclusive 6 day/5-night trip designed especially for our Remuera Rotary group at the club meeting on Monday 16 August 2021.
Remuera Rotary Club Travel Cindy Bakewell 2021-08-11 12:00:00Z 0

Travel Opportunities


Knowing how keen her fellow Rotarians are to travel Cindy Bakewell is finalising 4 new trips for our Club, friends, and family.
  • Otago Peninsula, The Catlin’s, & Stewart Island - Departure 28 November 2021
Discover NZ’s stunning Otago Peninsula and the Deep South, home to an abundance of magnificent wildlife and the Catlin’s with its rural heartland and podocarp forest, rugged coastlines, hidden lakes are a highlight of the southern scenic route. Enjoy a glimpse into a slower lifestyle in rhythm with the sea and tides attuned to the natural world of land, sea, and nightscapes on Stewart Island.
  • The Cook Islands, including Aitutaki - Departure 07 December 2021
If you've never visited Cook Islands before, the beating heart of this little paradise will capture yours.
Rarotonga, the hub of the Cook Islands, has so much to see and do, yet remains unspoilt. No traffic lights, no McDonald’s and no building taller than the highest coconut tree.
After Rarotonga, Aitutaki is the second most visited island in the Cook Islands. You can look forward to languid, leisurely days in the jaw-dropping surroundings. Work on your suntan lazing under a coconut palm, relax with a massage or explore the island by cycle or motor-scooter.
Let the warmth of the tropical sun surround you as the scent of frangipani washes over you.
  • The Chatham Islands – departing February 2022
The Chatham Islands, a remote, awe-inspiring place that is full of birdlife and incredible history making for an unforgettable visit. Pitt Island, included in this package, is the first place in the World to see the sun rise each day and has some of the region’s most spectacular scenery, bird life, botany, geology, fishing, diving and hunting experiences. These Island provides a friendly atmosphere and a range of attractions to suit any visitor, especially nature lovers.
  • Tasmania – Departing March 2022
The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is a legacy of the last great wildernesses on earth, and a canvas rich in the stories of humanity's previous and current connections with the environment.
The 1.4 million hectares that now make up the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area are part of a chain of six national parks and a number of reserves and conservation areas that together cover one fifth of Tasmania's land mass.
Discover Tasmania's rich soil, pure air, and clean water, that has inspired dedicated growers to produce truly authentic food and drink experiences.
Tasmania is home to some of Australia's leading cool climate wines with pinot noir and sparkling wines attracting the interest of wine makers from around the world.
The clean, green environment is also ideal for producing cider, whisky and gin.
This package will take you from Hobart to Bruny Island, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet National Park and Port Arthur and much, much more.


All departures will be from Auckland.
Detailed Itineraries and costings will be available next week.
Having already received a lot of interest in these trips Cindy advises the packages will be on a first come first served basis with a minimum of 10 people on each trip.

Contact Cindy directly on 02102470005 or Email:

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Motuihe Tree Planting

Motuihe Island (Te Motu a Ihenga) volunteers information



Initially you need to contact the Trust. For Sunday trips email Fiona on

August 8, August 22, September 5, September 19, October 3, October 17, October 31 For Friday trips email Simon on

August 6, August 20, September 3, September 17, October 1, October 15, October 29




All the bookings are managed through The Red Boats NOT by the Motuihe Trust. Go to:

Google; “ Red boats-Motuihe Island” . Click on “Motuihe Island Online booking / The Red Boats”

You need a credit card to make the on line booking. Wear a mask on a public ferry.

What do I bring?

Wear old clothes suitable for gardening and strong, flat shoes. Bring gardening gloves if you have them. We have some available and we have gumboots to lend out. Bring your lunch and water, we provide tea, coffee, Milo. Rain protection or sun protection depending on the day. Everything you bring must be in a zipped up bag. The soles of your shoes must be clean.

Ferry details

The Red Boat ferry leaves from Z pier Westhaven which is in St Mary’s Bay (see map) at 9 am and Motuihe at 4 pm. The trip takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes but it varies depending on the sea conditions. There is a bar on board and also tea and coffee (instant) and crisps are for sale. We suggest you have morning tea on the ferry.

The return cost of the ferry is:

Adult $38, children (up to 16 years) $18, gold card $30, family pass $90 (2 adults + 2 children)

VOLUNTEERS DISCOUNT to get the reduced fare of $33 because you are a volunteer, when you get to the pay page on The Red boat’s booking site enter the code given to you when you register with the Trust as a volunteer. MOTVOL The Red Boats will send you a booking confirmation via email. Take this with you to the ferry on the day of your trip.


If the trip is cancelled due to lack of passengers or because of the weather The Red Boats will contact you via a text and an email. They will offer you a credit for another ferry date or a refund back to your credit card.

Finding Z Pier (see map below) To access free carparking at Westhaven on Sundays, drive 700 metres past Pier Z to entrance to NZ Marine. Enter from Westhaven Drive and immediately turn right and park in the white lines area. On Sunday mornings there is often free parking in the surrounding streets, particularly Westhaven Drive. If coming by bus, there are bus stops a short walk from Z pier on Fanshawe Street near Victoria Park. Bio Security Remember to bring your gear in a zipped up/closed up bag and check that the soles of your shoes are clean. Motui

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Guest Speakers - RYLArians

It was a pleasure to hear from our three 2021 RYLArians, sponsored by Rotary Remuera; Sonja Rose, Brooke Merrick and Luke O'Toole. Each shared a main takeaway and a snippet insight to their experiences from the annual week-long leadership camp
“RYLA took us on a journey.” Sonja emphasised three main components from the camp. The great speakers, the physical and mental challenges, as well as the new people she met. Based on the functional leadership model theory where, “leadership does not rest with one person but rests on a set of behaviours by the group that gets things done;” Sonja’s reflection on the importance of what a good team member looks like, as well as what a good leader looks like, was great.
Prior to camp Brooke hadn’t thought too much about what leadership truly meant to her. RYLA changed that. Brooke’s recognition of the different types of leaders there could be was clearly a strong take away from her experience. Leadership comes in different shapes and forms and this became more evident to our RYLArians throughout the various workshops and challenges they faced.
The speaker that stood out to Luke the most was Alison Mooney. Luke learnt about different personality traits and how individuals often have a primary personality driver (the precise, the powerful, the peaceful or the playful). This was important in understanding how individuals functioned in different ways, giving Luke more confidence when leading a group; a new opportunity for him.
Each thanked Rotary Remuera for allowing them to participate in what was one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives. While our 2021 RYLArians will continue to reflect and learn from their experiences, it was clear they had already learnt a lot about themselves as individuals and importantly about the virtues of being a good leader.
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Trees For Survival - Tree Planting by Dilworth School

830 trees were planted at the Property of Matt Hoye, Ararimu Road, Ramarama.  This project is sponsored by our Club. Seedlings are pricked out, and nurtured and grown over a two year period at Dilworth School’s Junior Campus. Then the metre high seedlings, mainly Coprosma, Manuka, Flax and Toi Toi, are planted out at areas needing reafforestation to prevent erosion and for the re-establishment of native bush. This is the 4th planting out at the lifestyle property of Matt Hoye at Ararimu – previous plantings being May or June of 2018, 2019 and 2020 which is marvellous and the children can see the results of their previous efforts.

Trees For Survival - Tree Planting by Dilworth School  2021-07-19 12:00:00Z 0

Wynne Grey Speaking to Remuera Rotary

Wynne Gray was introduced by Cindy Bakewell. “He’s been involved in journalism since the 1970s, initially at the ‘Auckland Star’ and ‘8 O’Clock’ newspapers as a sports’ writer. He later spent time working for ‘The Sun’ and then the ‘NZ Herald’ -where he spent 30 years as senior rugby writer. During that time Wynne attended 250 Test matches and wrote several books. He is now a Life-member of the ‘NZ Sports’ Writers Association’”.

Wynn believes the early season matches with Tonga and Fiji are valuable as they clearly show coaches where improvements must be made before sterner opposition is encountered. He acknowledged that the All Blacks have ‘stacks’ of talent, are very athletic and very fit – but wondered if they’d be up to the challenges of the ‘Boks’ and Northern Hemisphere teams later in the year.

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John Edwards Memorial

Some members of the club will remember Dr John Edwards who was an Oral Surgeon.  John was a member of the club in the 1990s.  John died on Anzac Day during the lockdown.  A memorial for John is being held at St Marys 2pm Saturday 22 August.
John Edwards Memorial Tony Fortune 2020-07-16 12:00:00Z 0


I started this competition last week and are seeking a quote for this picture. So far I have had one reply, so I thought I would continue to run this competition for another week to see whether we can get some more replies.
In the competition last week we also included this house and were seeking people to respond with a location of this house. So far I have had two replies one being "New Zealand" and "rural New Zealand" well both may be accurate but the editor is looking for a more accurate response. Please do not respond with "North Island or South Island" as we are still looking for something more specific.
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Give a caption to this Photo

The best caption for this photo will win one bottle of wine.the best caption will be decided by the editor. No correspondence will be entered into. Replies to rossforrester1@gmail. com

Where is this? 

Please enter this competition identify where this place is? just sent an email to One bottle of wine for the first correct answer. 
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Level Two

Your Title Here

At long last back at real golf. Happy Ross . Clubs not yet out of car.
My favourite spot for coffee now open again. life returns
The new cranes at Auckland port unloading their first ship. remember our speaker Ross Clark said everything would be up and running by February. Well its May thats rate payers money 
The team  on Monday 12th May . Always remember to smile i might be taking a photo 
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Bears Again

Bears Again!!

here are more bears. Please check your favourite and we can offer the photographer a wine 
Bear on fence 
Davids bears
Bear hanging 
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Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

This poor wee fellow has not been named for two weeks. only a few guesses from fellow Rotarians. he your fellow member is feeling shunned. have a go its worth 3 bottles of wine. David, Cindy this should help your budget.
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Guess who?

Who is this wee Fellow??

This we lad was left unidentified last week in our wine competition. Poor wee mite. So I have decided he is worth two bottles of wine to any one who identifies him this week. Don't be shy as many entries as you like not just one. Go for it!!!! 


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Photo Corner 

Some photos provided to me for addition to the bulletin. More would be nice. Please provide a story with the pictures. 
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Escape from Alcatraz- Malcolm Tweed

story thumbnail
Escape from Alcatraz
Malcolm Tweed, winning triathlete, engaged us with his participation in the Escape from Alcatraz race. Alcatraz was named in 1775 and became a prison in 1934 but closed in the 1960s as it was too expensive to maintain. The race, with 2500 participants comprises a 2.5km swim in 12C water with a 7.5km/hour tide, a hilly bike ride and run. Malcolm won his age-group.
Escape from Alcatraz- Malcolm Tweed 2019-12-08 11:00:00Z 0

Roslyn Noonan Human Rights 

story thumbnail
Roslyn Noonan gave an interesting talk on Human Rights, which are defined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. When they were adopted the NZ delegate said that all articles are equally important. She noted that they do not include the right to smoke so prisoners were unable to invoke help for a smoking ban in prisons! A Former Commissioner Roslyn outline New Zealand's prominent role in Human Rights from the Treaty in 1840 to present day rights for the disabled. She has been assisting the development of human rights in the South Pacific, particularly relating to climate change and family violence and emphasised the importance of consultation at he grass roots level to build pressure for change.
Roslyn Noonan Human Rights 2019-11-20 11:00:00Z 0

Rotaract Speakers 

story thumbnail
Rotaract Speakers
District Rotaract Representative Becky Giblin and Natalie Johnston reported on the Rotaract District Conference which was held early September.  33 Rotaractors, DG Gary and DGE Craig attended discussing numerous projects being undertaken by District and Australian Rotaractors.  The club contributed some funds towards the cost of the Conference.
Rotaract Speakers 2019-09-21 12:00:00Z 0

Prof Maurice Curtis -Your Amazing Brain 

story thumbnail
Professor Maurice Curtis, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Auckland spoke about "Your amazing brain"
and gave us a fascinating overview of the hippocampus, striatum, olfactory bulb, beta amyloid, dopamine, lewy bodies, graduate students at Berkley & chocolate, astrocycles, pericycles, tunelling nanotubes, and the relevance of some of them to alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.
Incredible research is being undertaken at Auckland University but there is still a lot more to be discovered!
Prof Maurice Curtis -Your Amazing Brain 2019-09-21 12:00:00Z 0

James Young Farewell

story thumbnail
James Young
Haere Ra Jamie - we will greatly miss your enthusiasm and dynamism.  You and Karen have made an amazing contribution to the club and our community - you epitomised the concept of 
Thank you - we look forward to seeing you both back here when you get the opportunity!
James Young Farewell 2019-09-14 12:00:00Z 0

District Governor- Gary  Langford

story thumbnail
District Governor Gary Langford had the pleasant task of inducting Andy Chen MBA into the Club. Andy is CEO of Methven. Welcome Andy.
Gary then presented service certificates to John Beck, Jim Holmes and Ed Mitchell, 20 years; and Tony Fortune, Bryan Haggitt and Barrie Ross, 35 years. 
Gary married his wife, Jan in Wellington and now lives in Victoria Avenue. In 1976 he moved to Auckland with AHI and joined the Rotary Club of Onehunga. In 2000 he joined the Rotary Club of Auckland East. He reminded us that we are all members because someone asked us to join. He acknowledged the strong support of his club in his role as DG.
He drew our attention to the wider family of Rotary, including Rotaract, Interact and The Rotary Foundation. Our district, 9920 is vast and comprises 1385 Rotarians in 53 clubs. The Rotary Foundation has been successful in reducing the incidence of polio from 300,000 in 1988 to just 57 in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2019.
Members were encouraged to plan to attend the district conference in Auckland and the RI convention in Hawaii.  
District Governor- Gary Langford 2019-08-31 12:00:00Z 0

Anneke Cumack-IBO Hungary

story thumbnail
Our first was Anneke Cumack, a student from Dio who the club sponsored to the 30th International Biology Olympiad in Hungary. 72 other countries participated an Anneke was a member of the four person New Zealand team. The competition included two six hour theory exams and six hours of practical exams. Anneke won a silver medal and made world wide friends. The team returned via Doha. Anneke is now coaching the next lot of Dio possible participants.
Anneke Cumack-IBO Hungary 2019-08-23 12:00:00Z 0

Kris Gledhill-Sentencing in NZ

story thumbnail
Our speaker was Kris Gledhill, who is now at AUT Law School and previously a colleague of Ken Palmers at The University of Auckland. He presented numerous and very insightful statistics on New Zealand's Sentencing Regime-A Comparative Analysis. NZ has a relatively high prison population, of which 29% are on demand. Remand prisoners account for the growth of the prison population in the last 10 years. Kris said that the number of judges is capped and many remand prisoners have to wait a long time to have their cases heard. 51% of prisoners are Maori. Reported crime rates are decreasing but the perception of crime is increasing. Judges are issuing tougher sentences.
Kris Gledhill-Sentencing in NZ 2019-08-23 12:00:00Z 0

RYLA- Awardees 

story thumbnail
We were privileged to have our RYLA awardees report back to the club on their experiences at the event. The awardees were:
Rowan Smith
Emma Salmon (Peter's granddaughter)
Liam Nott
Blake Norcross
Bryce Hayr
Giacomo Lamplough
Each awardee highlighted the speakers/events which meant the most to them and they were all different. They all agreed that they had gained a lot from the experience and were most grateful to the club for sponsoring them.
Bill Chakow from the Howick Rotary Club, an organiser, showed a video of the course which enabled members to get a good idea of what is involved.
RYLA- Awardees 2019-08-11 12:00:00Z 0

Bruce Howe - Finance report and other 

story thumbnail
Our own Bruce Howe presented three topics to the club.
Club Finance
Last financial year the club itself raised a net $47,000, most of which was given to the Fiji O2 project. Club operations ran at a loss of $2,234. The current directors are addressing this matter and a solution may be a subscription increase. A shortfall of $37,000 is projected in the current financial year, with committees budgeting to spend $130,000.
New World screen
The screen has three objectives:
Promote Rotary;
Display community notices; and
Commercial advertising to raise funds for the club's charitable activities.
Last year the screen raised $20,800 and has the potential to raise more. The club needs members to approach firms and encourage them to buy time on the screen. Please see Iain or Bruce if you are willing to assist with this vital activity.
Soso Village Water project
The village is in the Yasawa Island group in Fiji. It has 350 people, including 90 children in about 100 homes. Their water is contaminated and has tested unsafe to drink. Bruce  is well into organising a project to pump bore water up to tanks, using solar electricity. The water would be gravity fed into filters and piped to homes. The project is anticipated to cost around $65,000 and is included in the International committee's budget.
Bruce Howe - Finance report and other 2019-08-03 12:00:00Z 0

Paul Goldsmith MP 

story thumbnail
Paul Goldsmith completed a MA (Hist.) at The University of Auckland. He has written several biographies of prominent business people and is a National Party list MP. Currently he is Finance and Infrastructure spokesperson. He explained that the National Party focuses on the economy because growth enables spending in increasing the quality of peoples' lives. Increased investment is needed to increase productivity and quality infrastructure is required. Balanced spending on across all forms of transport, including roads is necessary.
Paul Goldsmith MP Ross J Forrester 2019-07-25 12:00:00Z 0

Jim Bradley

story thumbnail
Jim is a consulting engineer, specialising in municipal wastewater throughout New Zealand. Most of his working life was spent in Dunedin. He told us of his three most interesting jobs and his latest overseas five week adventure, visiting where his grandfather and father served in Gallipoli and Crete respectively. 
Jim Bradley Ross J Forrester 2019-07-16 12:00:00Z 0
Peter Thorne 2018-11-11 11:00:00Z 0
Andrew Alexander- Change 2018-10-18 11:00:00Z 0
James Doy- Musician 2018-10-05 11:00:00Z 0
Professor Craig Radford 2018-09-30 11:00:00Z 0
Peter Hillary Mountaineer. Adventures in Nepal 2018-09-21 12:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker Kathryn Trounson - Electric Cars 2018-09-15 12:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Wynne Grey - Journalist

story thumbnail
Best known as a Sports Journalist who reported on 250  All Black games. The last of his kind.
Wynne Gray began his journalism career during the seventies at the Auckland Star and 8 O’clock before heading to travel and work in Europe and Australia. On his return he wrote about cricket for the NZ Herald and became their senior rugby writer, attending more than 250 All Black tests around the globe and numerous other internationals at World Cups as he filed for the company newspapers and online productions.
Guest Speaker Wynne Grey - Journalist 2018-09-08 12:00:00Z 0

International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians

story thumbnail
One of the oldest and largest of the Rotary Fellowships founded in the United Kingdom in the 1940's.There are now IYFR Fleets worldwide divided into three Districts.
The Auckland Fleet has two Past International Commodores and the current International Rear Commodore is an Auckland Fleet Member, Past Commodore David Hansen. The Auckland Fleet will be the first in the world to have had three International Commodores. The current International Commodore is from Argentina and the two previous to him were from the Philippines and Italy. To be a Member you do not have to own a boat just an interest in boating and all Rotarians are eligible to join. Some of the activities of the Auckland Fleet of IFYR have included....
International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians Wayne Brewer 2018-09-07 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary Youth Exchange News

story thumbnail
A periodic update from the Rotary Youth Exchange programme, District 9920, NZ (August 2018). There are many benefits to hosting an exchange student. Find out how to get involved.
Rotary Youth Exchange News 2018-09-02 12:00:00Z 0
Club visit from District Governor, Ingrid Waugh 2018-09-01 12:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker Frank Hogan - Child Poverty 2018-08-25 12:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Michael  Littlewood - Tax Reform in NZ 2018

story thumbnail
The New Zealand government is currently considering major reform of the country’s tax system and recently set up a Tax Working Group to make recommendations.
  • Should we have a capital gains tax?
  • Should we have a land tax?
  • What should be done to incentivise small business?
  • What should be done to protect the environment?
  • Should fruit and vegetables be excluded from GST?
  • Should there be a tax on sugary drinks?
Guest Speaker Michael Littlewood - Tax Reform in NZ 2018 Catherine Holden 2018-08-15 12:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Warwick Beauchamp -  Disruptive Technologies

story thumbnail
Insights to new applications and digital disruptions. A successful Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, Business Coach & Advisor. Warwick is passionate about Entrepreneurship & Business success and is one the founders of the Apps Parkable and Campable and is to going to talk to the club about ‘Disruptive Technology’. 
Guest Speaker Warwick Beauchamp - Disruptive Technologies 2018-08-08 12:00:00Z 0

Trees for Survival – Recount from club member RE first planting Day for Tamaki Primary School, 7 August 2018

It seems hard to believe that it is nearly a year since The Growing Unit was opened at Tamaki Primary School and the first seedlings were put into their little bags to be looked after by a group of children until they were ready to be planted out in their permanent positions. 
Now that day had come so off we went in a bus: two teachers, several mothers, two Rotarians and a group of very excited and thus noisy children to a farm in Clevedon, an Auckland Council chosen site. There we were joined by a group from Accor Hotels,  some of the boys who had helped with the plumbing work of The Unit at the school and an advisor from the Council...
Trees for Survival – Recount from club member RE first planting Day for Tamaki Primary School, 7 August 2018 2018-08-08 12:00:00Z 0
Digital Display Screen in New World Remuera 2018-08-02 12:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker Alan Johnson - Salvation Army 2018-07-27 12:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker Andrew Beer - Concert Master with the APO 2018-07-14 12:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker Megan Jaffe 2018-06-29 12:00:00Z 0

Business Is Awesome

story thumbnail
Business is Awesome – A 1-day challenging and inspired seminar for secondary school students considering business careers.
Business Is Awesome 2018-05-04 12:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker - Bill Hodge 2018-05-04 12:00:00Z 0

Guest Speakers for Fiji Oxygen Project

story thumbnail
Tim Edmonds of Cure Kids and Prof. Stephen Howe updated our members about the Fiji Oxygen Project which is the subject of a major fund raising campaign by our Club.
The Oxygen Project is designed to save the lives of children, in hospitals and clinics, who are currently dying due to the lack of a reliable supply of oxygen.
Guest Speakers for Fiji Oxygen Project 2018-04-20 12:00:00Z 0
9920 DistrictConference 2018 Cindy Bakewell 2018-04-13 12:00:00Z 0
 The Great Auckland Duck Race - What an achievement 2018-03-29 11:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker - Ruth Davy, Gut Cancer Foundation

story thumbnail
Ruth has worked in the not for profit sector for the last 25 years as a leader of charitable trusts.  She joined the Gut Cancer Foundation two years ago.  Ruth was a member of the Rotary Cub of Parnell for 15 years and is a Paul Harris Fellow.  Ruth gave a very interesting insight into the work of the Gut Cancer Foundation.
Guest Speaker - Ruth Davy, Gut Cancer Foundation 2018-03-29 11:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker - Robin Cooper, Auckland International Airport 2018-03-21 11:00:00Z 0

Emergency Response Kits (ERKs)

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Getting involved and making a difference...Raising funds and assisting in the packing of Emergency Response Kits (ERKs), providing immediate relief to our Pacific Island neighbours during natural disasters.
Emergency Response Kits (ERKs) 2018-03-20 11:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker-Bishop Ross Bay

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Ross Bay shared some insights in the lead up to Easter 2018.  He is a past Rotarian, a volunteer fireman, as well as being the Anglican Bishop of Auckland.  Ross was previously the Vicar of St. Mark's in Remuera.
    Guest Speaker-Bishop Ross Bay DLM 2018-03-16 11:00:00Z 0

    Waiatarua Tree Project - Maintenance Day

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    Rotary Tree Challenge, a worldwide Rotary goal set by Rotary International President Ian Riseley, where every Rotary member plants at least one tree each and changes the environment for the better by Earth Day on 22nd April 2018.
    Waiatarua Tree Project - Maintenance Day 2018-02-28 11:00:00Z 0
    Alan Duffy - Books In Homes Project 2017-09-18 12:00:00Z 0
    ROMAC (Rotary International Medical Aid for Children) 2017-09-17 12:00:00Z 0
    Epsom Lodge Cooked Breakfast for Salvation Army Residents 2017-09-17 12:00:00Z 0
    District Governor Malini Raghwan 2017-08-23 12:00:00Z 0
    Trees For Survival 2017-07-24 12:00:00Z 0
    AED At Palmers Garden Centre 2017-07-24 12:00:00Z 0
    3D Printer At Tamaki Primary School 2017-07-24 12:00:00Z 0

    Guest Speaker - Dot Lamb, Communicare

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    Communicare is a not-for-profit association which has been serving the seniors, lonely and disabled within Auckland. Dot was awarded a Rotary Service Award from President Norman for 55 years of volunteering for Communicare.
    Guest Speaker - Dot Lamb, Communicare Catherine Holden 2017-07-17 12:00:00Z 0
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